2015 Special Issue of Asia–Pacific Journal of Financial Studies 2015-12-31 오전 11:11:46  Hit:3136

  Korean Securities Association is pleased to announce the 2015 Special Issue 

  of  AsiaPacific Journal of Financial Studies.(without order) 


    - A New Relation between Ownership-Control Wedge and Overinvestment Practices:  

          Evidence from Korean Business Group (Chaebol)


       - Entry of non-financial FinTech firms, and competition in the retail payments market


    - Opportunistic Stock Repurchasing to Ensure Owner-Manager Control: Evidence from the

         Korean Stock Market


    - Pyramid Establishment from Succession Motivation 


      - Religion and Corporate Governance: Evidence from 32 Countries  


      - Top Managers' Academic Credentials and Firm Value 




     Korean Securities Association


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